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Way Easier to Own Your Magnificence

We seem to think it is difficult to connect to our truth of magnificence and unlimited living…the opposite it true. It is much more difficult to live with that false sense of being unworthy, of insecurity, of judgment, and of lack or poverty thinking. As Louise Hav puts it: poverty thinking can be about money, experiences, love, relationships…many things, and it all stems from forgetting who we truly are. That is way more difficult than remembering who we truly are and living that and reinterpreting life through the filter of our truth which is that we are magnificent and unlimited.
When you look through the eyes of who you really are, you just take it all in without trying to control it, for you know that you created it and in creating it you can figure out how to uncreate it or mold it or add to it or take a few things out of it…you get to do it your way and you aren’t ever worried about it. In addition you recognize how magnificent and amazing everyone else it…even in their disconnection you see the beauty and magnificence of them though you may not choose to be with them.
You don’t feel sorry for anyone but rather empower them with your knowing about their magnificence. They may hate you for seeing them that way …for a time…but your recognizing their power and failing to enable their own forgetting their own power sows the seed of awakening in them. It is a beautiful thing.
This frees you to be in this world enjoying every experience you want to have and making it possible for others to do the same…you can’t help them any other way.
So take your power back…enjoy your magnificence…ignore those who would try to convince you of less, either your own or theirs…and watch the magic happen all around you.
You are breathtaking and I am blessed to be sharing this amazing experience with you.

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