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The Sky is Yours Every Day

I walked out on the deck last night and looked up at the night sky filled with stars.  It was so beautiful and filled me with feelings of awe and appreciation.  At that moment I realized that I shared that night sky with everyone and that at any moment, no matter what, anyone regardless of circumstances could merely look up and feel awe and appreciation.
I know that in every moment there is something to put my focus on that generates that feeling.  I love feeling that way and make it a high priority to feel that way.  It is actually the easiest way to live and the results are astounding, truly miraculous.
It wasn’t always that easy.  The habit of complaining and feeling inadequate or wronged is entrenched in many of us.  Feeling that way just draws circumstances into our life that continue to generate that feeling.
The great news is that you can easily break that habit and live in a world that gives you experience after experience that uplifts you, inspires you to awe and appreciation and grants you miracles in your daily life.  All you have to do is pay attention to what feels good in your now.
When you realize that you have a billion choices whittled down to 2000 conscious bits of data in every moment it seems like a no brainer that you would choose something lovely or fun or beautiful or awe inspiring to focus on.  In choosing only the premium data to give your powerful attention to you increase the amount of that same premium data in your experience.  It becomes a spiral upward that is the best of addictions.
So when that guy cuts you off in traffic, remember there is a beautiful sky to appreciate, or a great song playing, or you love your car, or he might be rushing to the hospital and you served to get him there more quickly, or now you have time to contemplate your forever evolving dream life, or your delay may have saved your life.  You have the power to change your now focus and attention.  In doing that you create a glorious life for yourself and serve to better all that is.  It is the only way so just sit back and learn to enjoy the power and magnificence that is you.
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