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You are Already Majestic





In our lives we have experienced and observed much. Through all of it we have already improved and expanded the future. The only thing that gets in our way is that we have developed the nasty habit of feeling unworthy, or beating up on ourselves, or judging others, or focusing on problems. We forget that we are beyond worthy of our every dream coming true. We forget to enjoy our amazing and spectacular self. We forget to prefer passionately without judgment. We forget to focus on what we want and solutions once it is clarified by a “problem”.
It is like you keep climbing a mountain to get a view at the top but when you get there you forget to look at the view and all you see are more mountains to climb. It is no wonder you get tired and frustrated when you don’t enjoy the view from where you are. More commonly you are climbing someone else’s mountain because they said it was the right mountain to climb and you wonder why you aren’t enjoying the view and now there are more mountains to climb that you have no desire to climb.
If you remembered who you were and that you came here to do life your unique way, filtering every experience through your one of a kind mind and coming to dreams and desires that excite you and inspire you and flow easily into your life, then the view is spectacular in every moment. Even while you make your way easily to another mountain top you can stop and admire the view you are having right now with full confidence that it is just going to get more amazing.
Life can be everything and everything you want and only one person holds the power to do that and luckily it is you.
Enjoy the view in every moment for there is much to enjoy. In doing so you will assure the next view will offer you even more.

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