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The Steps to Stress Free Living


I have studied books, audiotapes (and cassettes if you remember them), CDs, webinars and attended lectures and seminars in order to find a way to live well and part of that means getting rid of stress. I am not talking about learning to cope with stress but rather not having it to begin with. It is very possible.
I have been challenged by some who say that stress is a necessary part of growth and to them I say we are just using different words. Growth and excitement and expanding your horizons and life are necessary to living but it doesn’t have to be stressful.
In fact growth and exciting challenge are necessary for a stress free life. Everyone has a different degree of how fast and furious they want to move through life but we are all going somewhere or deep down inside want to go somewhere.
Getting rid of the stress can help in both categories: the regenerating relaxation and facing your passions with enthusiasm instead of fear. Each of us has our own unique balance to find and no one can dictate how much of each is for you. You get to decide and in fact only you can decide what is right for you.
The steps to stress free living are more like a dance. Each “step” adds to the others and allows you to use the previous “step” more effectively. There are some steps that you will use more often in the beginning but in our ever changing world all the steps will be there for you.
The Steps are not in any order but I have tried to put the ones you need first when you feel stressed or negative emotion a good portion of your life.
One: Become aware of your negative emotions and take responsibility for choosing it. Look within to see why you chose it. The very core reason is always that you forgot you are magnificent, spectacular and unlimited. You also have forgotten that everyone else is as well though they may have obviously forgotten. . That magnificence does not need to be earned but is yours because you exist
While you are doing the inner work of taking responsibility and weeding out the baggage you carry to get to your magnificence, there are many techniques to help minimize the negatives and increase the positive emotions. The work is removing limiting beliefs.
Two: Accept all things as they are. If it happened it had to happen and it is in perfect order though you may not understand why. You are an eternal being connected to all that is and there is a lot more going on than you know. The good news is that “what is” has now prepared you to remember your magnificence and have the power to create a new “what is” if you want
Three: Learn some coping techniques to help you through until you get to the place where you are invincible and that is possible. That doesn’t mean unfeeling and detached but more passionate and loving without any need to choose a negative emotion.
These techniques are numerous and most are mentioned in my book and some I discovered on my own. I recommend you read it if possible (The Teflon Self: How to Live Stress Free in a Chaotic World) and it can be found on
Four: Cultivate your imagination and use it to visualize what you want. See it in your mind through your eyes as if you are living it not watching it. This can be used with small things like preparing to see someone or getting a parking space. It can be used for big things like changing a career. It can be used to revise the past.
There are more steps but this should get you started. Enjoy your moments most loved and cherished one. You need do nothing but exist and the power of the universe stands around you and in you waiting to be allowed to give you your every heart’s desire.

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