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Magnificent, Unlimited and Eternal

Magnificent, unlimited and eternal…every one’s truth. Not in a religious sense but it just is. I could stop there and everything else would unfold before every person in such a miraculous way. If they just stopped to think about that concept regularly throughout the day, in response to every situation, every person, and every moment.

I have studied just about every spiritual path and that common theme is clear. It requires no extreme effort, it is the easiest thing a person could do and as they start thinking new thoughts, the proof becomes an everyday actual experience, not some reward in waiting after death. Hard to argue experience like that, but since most have not been taught how to think in a way that serves them, they are experiencing the sum of their thoughts…

So let’s just say that possibly what I say may be true; that your thinking is creating what you experience…it doesn’t cost anything to try thinking doesn’t take any specific ritual or the joining of a group or writing a journal or whatever. It just takes you becoming aware of how you think and why you think it, then changing the thought even a little so that you feel better when you think it. If you look at all your teachers in life…parents, school teachers, adults, authority figures…have any of them really exhibited a life you dreamed of? Where did they get their information or beliefs? And since you are a unique individual, how can they possibly know what is right for you? So even with what I say, you must run it by your own inherited wisdom and see if it draws you like a man seeing water in the desert.

Hard to believe in this world of self imposed struggle, that joy and ease is supposed to be the core experience. We reward hard work and struggle like it was a good thing yet those who are truly successful were inspired. Yes, they may have believed their hard work and struggle got them where they are but that was their creation. They believed a certain amount of hard work and struggle was required, they did it and were rewarded. What would have happened if they believed differently?

If you really look at the world, you will see there is no rhyme or reason to how hard you must work and how much you must struggle. Some just fall into it and others work and struggle all their lives never to realize anything… The only thing that makes sense is that what you believe will be true and if you don’t have a strong conviction then what the people around you believe will be true for you.

Also, as far as the general experience of life, your overall quotient of joy, appreciation and love will affect where on the chart of believed experiences you will have. It is important that you increase your joy, pleasure, appreciation and love in your life…why anyone resists that is amazing to me.

If you could see yourself through my eyes, you would not recognize who you truly are at first, but it would attract you so powerfully you would want to see it more often until you finally lived it. You are far from average, oh magnificent one…

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