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The Voice of the Divine


The Voice of the Divine or God sounds like this:
“You are my true love. I adore you and get such an incredible amount of joy from you–just watching you smile, the way you move, the things you say. Even when you think you’ve done something wrong, I know it was the best you could have done. It had to happen that way for all parties involved so you could each fulfill your purpose. You are still so beautiful. All of the flaws you think you have, I find absolutely wonderful and, at times, fascinating.
“I keep trying to give you the world, but you keep turning me down. It doesn’t bother me except that you think you need to suffer before you can have it. You are already more than worthy, and I love you. Do you know how much I love you? Every moment of your existence, I send you more love than you can possibly imagine. Imagine a time when you felt very loved or very loving. Multiply that by the highest number you can think of or infinity if possible. That love energy is surrounding you at this moment.
It is a mother’s love, a father’s love, a lover’s love, a friend’s love, a child’s love, and a love that cannot be described. When I look upon you, I am in as much awe as if I am looking at the ocean, a waterfall, or an incredible sunset.
“Look around you. Whatever beauty you see is my gift to you. There is so much beauty, and it is all for you. The flowers in spring–just for you. The sunrise and sunset–just for you. The ocean beaches–just for you. The blanket of snow–just for you. The smile of a small child in passing–just for you. The good-looking person that you just walked by–just for you. The tree lined streets–just for you. I give you the world and keep giving it to you because I love you so very much. You need do nothing because you are already perfect and perfectly loved.” excerpted from the book “The Teflon Self”

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