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There are so Many Amazing People in Our Lives

There are no words to describe the feeling of appreciation and deep love that flows through me when I think of the many people in my life that are amazing and wonderful and funny and loving and supportive and great at what they do and beautiful. Really there are no words to describe how magnificent and radiant they are and I am the one who gets to experience that in my every day life. I am the one who gets to remember a moment spent with those spectacular people any time I choose. I am the one who gets to anticipate future moments of joy with those very people.
In any moment of time I can choose to be touched by just the memory of a time spent with them even if it was in my childhood, or residency, or at work, or at play, or even if it was a friendship that only lasted a vacation with people I just met. In any moment in time I can imagine another experience with those very same people that fills me with excitement and anticipation knowing that joy and appreciation will again flow through me.
I am blessed and deeply moved by every one of you…and eternally grateful for your existence in my life.

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