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Play Well, Magnificent One

You actually can reach a place, easily, where you rarely ever feel discomfort. That includes physical and emotional. You can actually live a life where wonder and amazement and creating and/or planning new experiences is the dominant thought alternating with deep and moving appreciation for all that is in your life right now.
All it takes is to remember who you are, the truth about yourself. Once you remember that you are magnificent, unique and unlimited you will finally realize that you can easily and joyfully create a life that you love. In doing that you will then lead by example and increase the chance that others will remember who they are and the ripple of magnificence will astound you every moment.
It is a very simple thing to start owning your truth and recognize that it is the truth of every one else that connects with you in any way. Take your power back and lead your thoughts to where you truly enjoy them and watch the real magic of life unfold in your life.
Even if you don’t believe that you are magnificent and unlimited, just pretend and reinterpret all your events through the lens of that being your truth and the truth of all others. When you get in the habit of doing it you will find the proof in how your life changes all around you for the better and you will never doubt it again.
Enjoy your most precious moments fully and with a light heart like a child playing the most exciting and fun game ever played. You just may find that you have stumbled upon the rules and everyone actually was destined to win a prize every time.

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