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There is no lack of love





There are so many that say they give too much or love too much. There is no such thing. They may not give enough to themselves or they may not love themselves very much, but there is no such thing as giving and loving too much. We are destined to flow the abundance of all things including the energy of appreciation and love infinitely. Our supply is unlimited unless we limit it.
That doesn’t mean you hang with people who don’t inspire you or do things you don’t enjoy. It means the opposite; that you should be with people who inspire you and do what you love to do. You should love yourself first so that you may love others fully just like putting your oxygen mask on first and then assisting others on an airplaine…lol
So many of us reach out in what we think is love only to be “hurt” and then withdraw and become frugal with our love expenditure. This is when we seem to be unable to find it out there. The problem is not that you were “hurt” but rather that you were so disconnected from your own magnificence and power that you could even be “hurt” in the first place. The next problem is that you thought loving caused the hurt, but rather not loving yourself the way you were destined to love yourself is where the hurt comes from.
When you figure it out you will never be hurt again and you will love with abandon fearlessly as you were destined to live.
Enjoy your fearless magnificent existence.

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