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It is easily within your grasp





There was a wise man that said we should be like children. Children live in the moment and easily forget and forgive, what they don’t like and turn their attention to what is wanted. They play often. They dream and pretend so completely that they embody the very feeling of what they are pretending to be. It isn’t until we continually force them to face what is that they get stuck in what is over and over again like we do.
If you could conjure the feeling of what it would feel like to live in the life you dream of living and stay in that feeling as often as possible you would have the actual time space experience of it sooner than you think. Finances would magically turn around, relationships would become the ecstasy they were meant to be, and struggle would turn into magical challenges that you are excited to encounter.
You are a phenomenal creation that creates every moment so don’t waste your special talent making the same picture every time, paint a new one and step into it easily.

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