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There is so much right with this world

Free will is not about the choice between what is wrong or what is right but rather the ability to create new experiences completely yours and unique.  It is a gift from the universe or God given back to the universe or God.  Your contribution is as equally astounding as any other beings contribution for you are always contributing with your amazing unique thoughts.  Your perspective and interpretation and dreams and desires are unlike anyone else that has ever existed or will exist or exists now…for we are all existing now on some level.  Your free will is to be present in moment to moment awareness and contribute your unique perspective.
Whether or not you remember your own power and magnificence in that moment does not diminish your contribution.  Whether you move toward your dreams or desires or away from them does not diminish the joy of that dream or desire or the thrust of new experience and continued space time life that it contributes to.  There is a part of you that realizes the dream, the desire, the full amazing and unique perspective immediately.  It is only the condensed version of you here in this space time reality that forgets and that is the only mistake anyone ever makes.
When you remember who you are and therefore who everyone else is and how intricately connected we all are you correct that mistake and reclaim your power in the now to move into your dreams and desires in perfect timing.  When one remembers then all move closer to remembering.
Even the mistake of forgetting will not hinder the universe or God and it is only for a short period compared to your eternity so relax and realize all is well.  It is just remembering will make this experience heaven for that is where most of you exists all the time.
How we all made life so complicated is still a mystery to me but I am overjoyed that I remember and that my remembering affects all the amazing beings in this world.  If I am gifted to have another amazing being allow me to awaken in them what they already know it is one of my personal dreams desires and pleasures manifested.  I am grateful for that.
I know that no suffering is necessary but I also know how infinitely powerful every being is at any age so I don’t worry if that very temporary choice is made and I continue to see them as the infinitely amazing and powerful being that they are.
There is so much right with this world and beautiful experiences are the main event.
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