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Use Judgment and Preference to your Benefit





We get confused about preference and judgment. It is entirely possible to have strong desires and preferences without making someone else less than or more than you. It is entirely possible to judge (or form an opinion) about a circumstance without making the people in the circumstance more than or less than you. In fact it was never your intention to compare yourself to others to determine your worthiness. Your true self knows you are worthy of all that you desire and exactly equal to every other being. That is a given. It is also a given that you are a magnificent and unique part of a whole. Your contribution just by your existence is beyond measure.
More importantly you know, deep within, that you can only change circumstances to ones more to your preference by paying attention to thoughts of your preference. The circumstances that you find repulsive or uncomfortable or not to your liking should only serve to clarify what you do want instead. Then your thoughts should be purposely aimed at what you do want.
You cannot change the circumstance by pointing out that it is wrong and fighting against it. You cannot change the circumstance by stating what you don’t want but rather being clear about what you do want. You change the circumstance by looking at how you want it to be and thinking about that and coming to inspired solutions. If a solution presents itself then you will be inspired to act.
You also must take full responsibility for attracting this circumstance into your experience and looking within honestly without blame or making yourself less in any way.
You may find some insecurity or false expectation or worn out belief that is running unconsciously. Once in your awareness it can be eliminated easily.

Sometimes circumstances that you don’t like seem to draw you in and because of your habit of seeing it as outside of your creation you think if only the Other person would act differently then I would feel better. This will never work for many reasons. First you are focused on what is “wrong” giving attention to what is wrong and subconsciously you will attract more circumstances that appear wrong. Secondly you aren’t using the circumstance to clarify what you truly want and then once clarified using your thoughts to give you the feeling you prefer.
If you want to feel important and worthy and valued and loved then feel that. Think whatever thoughts it takes to feel that and it is guaranteed to bring circumstances into your life that align with your feelings. If you go about it backwards and wait for the circumstances to prove it you will always find circumstances in your life that prove what you expect and are used to feeling. If you depend on someone else to prove it to you, you will find it might work for a while but soon enough your inner idea of self and what you expect will surface and you will find circumstances that align with that happening in your life. There is not a person in the world that can counter your idea of self for a prolonged period of time without actually checking out of this existence. So in actuality they can’t do it for you when they are dead anyway. You always have to find it within to find it out there.
The great news is that when you finally get that you are important, worthy, valued, loved, magnificent, amazing, spectacular and unlimited the circumstances in your life get really really good. It is then that you can really affect universal change without even trying

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