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You are Truly Magic





The idea of magic ranges from illusion to supernatural, but then it is possible that all life is an illusion of sorts and the supernatural of yesterday becomes commonplace today.
In your day to day living you may not notice the magic of every moment for you have gotten in the habit of allowing your mind to go where it wants in reaction to circumstances and people. The irony is that when you control your amazing mind and direct it with the intention to enjoy each moment, you will find circumstances and people change to enhance your life.
The magic I am talking about is the magic that happens when time stands still and you experience something lovely or amazing or deep love or exquisite beauty. The entire world seems to melt into the full experience of that moment and it is beyond description. They seem to happen when you least expect it and maybe so rarely that you wonder if it was truly real. The crazy thing is that we all love and desire those moments. The crazier thing is that you actually have the power to create those moments in every moment and you probably don’t.
Your present life and situation has the capacity to make magic like that happen regularly. When you master your thoughts instead of allowing them to crowd your mind without conscious direction from you, you will find true magic happening in your life.
People will transform, things will show up, circumstances will improve, you will become more attractive and life will be the easy fun adventure you intended it to be.
Enjoy your amazing life fully magnificent one.

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