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Use Your Data Divinely

You are truly magical.  Your receptors on every sensory organ you have transforms data into an image, sound, sensation, smell, taste and even more.  Once that data is transformed into your unique interpretation of it, you then take is one step further and give it meaning.
The even more amazing part is that you are taking in billions of bits of data and filtering it to just thousands that you will actually deal with and even less that you will deal with consciously.
Your mind then makes a life experience out of it.  You and you alone can do that for you.
There is much more to the story but it does cause you to stop and think about how powerful you are in choosing what you give your attention to and how you interpret it.  It is unique to you and up til now maybe unknowingly you have not questioned how much control over what you give your attention to and how you interpret that information.  It is your unique interpretation of the choices of data you make that add amazingly to this universe and beyond.
Yet, there is so much more.  At the quantum physics level you are connected to all that exists and aware on some level to the data that is beyond your 5 senses.  And again you are the one who chooses what you will experience and how you will experience it.  No one but you can do that for you and yet so many of us don’t make use of our amazing mind to create the experience we want to have.  Many of us also miss the experiences being offered to us in the very moment because we believe so strongly in limitation and the status quo.
You are recreating the status quo in every moment and creating another experience more to your liking is just as easy so why not tweak what you are living and reach for your dream life.  Not only is it just as easy but more than likely it will be easier and way more fun.
When connected to the truth about yourself and that is that you are a magnificent unique unlimited spectacular being, you find that your life flows without resistance or difficulty to the experiences you truly want in life.
The beginning is to become aware that you are who you are, and in that realization connected to Source, The Divine, or God…not just connected but in union so all resources are available to you.  You are the director so to speak of this experience but a good director would make use of all the information and that includes guidance from a source that sees a much bigger picture and only wants for you to fulfill your every hearts desire.
That connection is available at all times in every moment no matter what is going on and it will feel amazing, loving, supportive, uplifting, unconditionally in your corner.  It is always that and anything else is an old worn our pattern of thought taught to you by people who forgot their connection.
Every moment has joy, inspiration and appreciation flowing infinitely to you and there is no work or difficulty in experiencing it.
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