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Say Yes to Your Divine Inheritance

Imagine what it would be like to be a parent who had no fear and and no limits. You truly could have anything you want, do anything you want, and be anything you want. In the doing, having and being all that you want, you never had to infringe on the doing, having or being of any other being.
In the raising of your child under those circumstances you would know that your child also has the potential to do, have or be all that they want. You would not limit them and you would help with whatever they asked gladly and without reservation. You would delight in their exploration of themselves and their experiences. There wouldn’t be an issue of practicality or safety or setting limits or guiding them toward what you want for them because what you want for them is to see them happy and fulfilled and come to their own desires whatever they may be. To that end you will help and give and support them no matter what…oh and your time is unlimited as well so your helping and giving and supporting is never a burden for you nor does it interfere with your own experience.
So now you have a child who can have it all, do it all, be it all and you have no doubt this child will find it’s way to all that it desires. You give full reign to this child to use all your resources since in your mind they belong to all your children. The child really doesn’t even have to ask but the child can say no to your help.
How does this child say no? By doubt, worry, guilt, fear, judgment, and any other emotion born of your separation from your truth.
Relearn how to say yes to your inheritance of all that you dream possible by recognizing when you are saying no to your Divine right to make life all that you dream and more.
When you say no by having a negative emotion, stop, breath and think a new thought and say yes to peace, love, joy, inspiration, abundance, growth, discovery, creativity and experiences that will make your dreams pale in comparison.
So amazing are you and it is about to get better.

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