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Weird Analogy But Fun

When we think about life and all the science that is now supporting an energetic vibrational world, time and space are just a perception and that mind or consciousness is eternal and unlimited, it is logical to expand your ideas about what life is all about.  In addition, whether you think this life is all there is or the only one you get or you believe that there is way more than this life, it just makes logical sense to make the most of all of what you live.  Since the moment is what you are living then making the most of every moment makes logical sense regardless of your beliefs.  And lastly, being happy is now being scientifically shown to actually make life improve in all areas and it is shown that happiness is a choice and not about your circumstances.  That means you can develop the habit to choose it in every moment.

To that end let me give you an analogy that I use to help people understand how this life actually works.  Even if you don’t believe it, entertaining the idea I am about to describe is fun.  Most of us have played video games or watched our children play.  In the game you choose your character, how it looks, it’s strengths and weaknesses, the main characters you will play the game with, the world or worlds, the missions or type of game and once you choose all of that you enter the game and play.

While you play and move through missions or battles or levels of experiences, you find more are unlocked for you to choose to play.  Throughout the game there are save points so when you do go into a mission or battle and fail or die “game over” you can go back and start from the saved place.  You never really have to start from the beginning.  The game unfolds and any failure or death is quick and temporary.  The video games that are available and the nearly infinite choices they give you are astounding but what you are experiencing in this game of life is truly infinite and unlimited, exponentially more than any video game.

So you, the personality, are the character, and you are an extension of your eternal self, playing the game except you aren’t being controlled by your eternal self.  We will get to that later.  So you play the game and open new options and worlds and missions and often you fail or die, but you are an unlimited being not attached to time and space so you can play the game anyway you want, come back at the saved points (maybe a point where you made a choice that wasn’t what you truly desired) and play again until you finish the mission, win so to speak or have the ideal life you intended to create.  Then there are so many games that you could be playing and so many worlds and missions you could have, and since there is no time and space in your eternal existence, in a way you are playing all of that simultaneously…kind of mind boggling isn’t it.

My point is that this so very temporary experience we call life is truly an epic game, both not to be taken so seriously and yet to be cherished in each moment as it is the only way an unlimited eternal magnificent all potential being can separate out each experience and enjoy it fully.  This life or maybe lives that we experience are ways to take the unlimited potential and make it an experience.  Each person is equally powerful and eternal and magnificent and unlimited.  Whether they connect with that during the game or not, whether it is you or someone playing the game with you, is really not that important.  They will get it eventually and a life is less than a blink of an eye compared to eternity so no life is wasted.  Each one that appears to “fail” is just part of the learning process and in truth the failed life adds just as much value to “all that is” as the “successful” one.  Besides who is to judge…lol

So back to the eternal you not controlling you like a character in a video game…well that is where the analogy falls short.  In the game of life it is important that you, the extension of you, be left to your own devices in order to fully get into the game.  The cheat code is rediscovering your connection to your eternal being and really every person comes here with that ultimate goal… it is awakening to who you truly are.  Now I don’t know if any of you ever watched your child or played a game with the cheat codes on, it is epic but then it gets boring…lol  You win every time and no one and nothing can get in your way.  It is interesting to note that my kids found the cheat codes to one of their games…played it for a couple days and were in awe of it.  Then they went to another game and never again did they try to find cheat codes…interesting.

But I again digress…back to who you really are.  The eternal you flows infinite love and guidance to you as the game playing extension of that eternal you.  You have absolute control of how you play this game so that the experience can expand to places never gone.  Each unique moment you experience is experienced by your eternal you.  The emotion you are feeling in that experience is your guidance that tells you how far away from the prize of living everything you desire.  It tells you how discordant you are from how the true unlimited you is.  The only way you can tap into the infinite energy and love and perfect guidance is coming into the place where you are in tune, like a radio station, with that amazing part of you.

You are in tune with that when you love unconditionally, drop the baggage, have no judgment (but enjoy your definite preferences and selfishly move toward them) and stay in the moment appreciating that experience.  In every moment there are millions of aspects of you, others, this world and the delicious experiences it provides to enjoy regardless of the circumstances.

It is like having the cheat codes in a way but you knew that you didn’t want to have the cheat codes all the time…what fun would that be…lol. So relax about the whole thing and just start having more fun, become aware of what amazing things there are in each of your moments you get to experience… appreciate them and don’t worry that now you have the cheat codes because when you want you can enter a new game even in this life and take it to another expanded level.

The game was designed to provide the means for you to experience every experience you want to have…it is only you, the character extension, that actually doesn’t experience it if you don’t unite with who you truly are.  Who you truly are experiences all that you desire the moment you desire it….so no worries for you are doing great things even when you “fail” and if you get in tune with your true self, the magnificent, unlimited, spectacular and eternal aspect, then you can have the experience here as well.


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