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An Amazing Life Made Easy

When you think about the most amazing moments of your life it really comes down to moments of sheer love. Whether it is wrapped in the arms of a lover, staring at your sleeping child (that is always a safe one … lol), petting your beloved emotional support animal, basking in the love of self when you rock that song on stage, make the cut in some audition or try out, finishing your degree, basking in the appreciation (i.e. love) of an experience like a vacation, sunset, dancing to your favorite song or making that crazy putt for the eagle. The point is all of your most amazing moments involve the love of something.

The problem comes into existence because we limit our love to those peak moments. We have been erroneously taught that life is a struggle with moments of joy and that those moments must be earned. We have been taught that we are unworthy and something we do, accomplish or maybe have makes us more worthy. Because our well meaning parents, teachers, and authority figures (or maybe some were not so well meaning…lol) were also erroneously taught this belief, it is perpetuated and what you see in this world, in your life, is the creation of just that. Let me open your mind to another possibility.

Let’s just say for the sake of this experiment that no one can actually give you the blueprints to make your life everything you want so that each and every moment is just exactly right for you, except you yourself. Let’s also say that what worked in the past for anyone is not actually what will work now. In addition, what works for one person may not work for another. And lastly, if you truly observe all the data in the world there is no rhyme or reason to explain results.

What science is finding is that finding happiness in your moment whatever that moment may actually be, not only makes you healthier but also yields the easiest success i.e. great experiences. Now I could quote a bunch of studies but I will just refer you to and the book The Happiness Movement by Shawn Achor for more details if you need convincing … lol.

The experiment that I personally did … actually the beginning of my journey to living stress free and finding a life fall into my lap that I love … was to just become so interested in feeling better in each moment that I used my mind to find something in every moment to enjoy. I found that if I practiced, it became easier and easier to find something amazing in each moment to focus my attention on. If I was faced with an annoying person I would focus on their lovely necklace or maybe their intense blue eyes. I would purposely practice thinking a genuine positive thought about every person I saw even if they weren’t actually involved in my life, like someone walking across the street at a stop light.

I would actively seek to find pleasure in my moment, waking to the soft comfortable sheets, enjoying my warm shower (only 10% of the world gets to do that) and also seeking things to appreciate in myself when I looked in the mirror, instead of focusing on what isn’t right. I would savor my breakfast and appreciate that I have something to eat. When all else failed, there is always an amazing sky or art work or man made convenience to appreciate. We are trained to look for what is wrong and focus on what could go wrong and that actually does not serve us.

What happened in my life by just my desire to feel better was that my life got better in all categories, I lost all fear, and I became free to live my life as I pleased without any work on those areas. It just happened easily. I didn’t start out to change anything but my feeling in each moment and the circumstances of my life became amazing.

The beautiful thing is that it doesn’t cost anything, it takes no time out of your day, you don’t have to make any uncomfortable changes. You will naturally become someone who is more beautiful, successful, loving and lovable. You will make every person and place you visit better for you having been there and you will find win win situations and inspiration a daily event.

Now remember those peak moments … just realize that the emotion you had then you can give yourself now, just imagine that moment and feel the feeling and turn it back on yourself. Imagine how you felt about your child(sleeping, of course … lol) or a pet you truly loved. Remember the energy of that overwhelming love flowing through you to the person or pet and turn in back on yourself.

Now here is where it gets a little crazy … lol. In reality, “All that Is” loves you continuously and infinitely more powerfully and it is focused always on you, waiting for you to allow that flow. That is the energy that creates worlds and universes and it is always there for the taking unless you decide it is conditional by your own beliefs because you are the powerful creator of every aspect of your experience. You are so powerful that you can create limitation by your own beliefs by default. I challenge to feel good, make it the highest priority and just watch how your life expands and improves.

What is more important than enjoying every moment and knowing that in the enjoyment of every moment you improve every person you influence to more joy and in reality the world?

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