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What you think matters most




It can be quite scary to think that your thoughts are creating the next chapter in your life. There is no early education on learning how to master our mind, yet it is what you must do if you want to live heaven on earth instead of less than that. Luckily there is a time delay and most of our thoughts are diluted by all the other thoughts we have that contradict them. Imagine how powerful your thought would be if you focused on what you want to the exclusion of all other thoughts about that subject. To the exclusion of the thoughts about not being able to do it, that it might be hard, that you might have to give something up, that you might lose your friends, that you might have to change things, that only the lucky live that way.
Give mastering your mind the highest priority and everyone in your life including you will benefit.
Enjoy your power and be the magnificent being you truly are.

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