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You are Amazing




In this life, whether you know it or not, you are creating each moment and if you realized that you would be continuously amazed by the complexity and beauty of each moment you create. The fact that you keep creating pretty much the same series of moments and experiences in your life is because you forgot that it is all you.
You bought into the mass hypnosis that thinks it is out there and that you can change your circumstances by manipulating something out there.
You may still be under that hypnotic suggestion and it is powerful. You will have to prove by experience that you are the creator of your moments by mastering your thoughts and watching how things change around you.
I was lucky in that I changed the way I thought just to feel better and wasn’t expecting the people and circumstances to change. I just thought they would continue as they were but that I had the power to feel better in my circumstances. When I detached from having to change anything and just focused of having thoughts that felt better imagine my surprise when circumstances got better too. I would change my thoughts about any circumstance even if I had to make something up or use wild imaginative explanations for someone’s behavior that made it feel better to me. The surprising result is that the world I experienced changed to more of what I wanted.
Just make your priority to feel great and you know you feel great when you remember you are worthy and magnificent and unlimited…and that you are.

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