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You are Completely Free





Okay so what if you had no fear, no obligations, everything was taken care of and no one in your life really needed you for anything. That doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy you and love you but they are secure in their own life so like an amazing close friend you pick up where you left off no matter how much time passes. You just enjoy the company in the moment without taking score of how much time passes.
Back to my question then. What would you do if the world was in perfect order and everything was taken care of and no person in your life was in need of anything from you? What exactly would you do? Do you even know? And that my friend is actually your truth no matter what you have created as the circumstance of your life. What you would do if you were truly and completely free, which you are, is what you were destined to do.
If you say that you would just sit around on a beach and relax then that is what you are meant to do right now. I would venture to say that after doing that for a certain time you would find yourself and your creative side drawn to doing or being or discovering or something other than just hanging on the beach. Even if it is just taking a walk and collecting shells and then finding yourself drawn to some sort of shell art. My point being that you would find your true destiny in this lifetime by doing what you would do if you were completely free.
Play with that feeling and follow that path as often as possible. Find some quiet time and dive into the vision of what that would be life as often as possible until you have a different vision of your life. A vision that makes you excited to wake up and appreciative of each day as you fall asleep.
In truth, no matter what the media or well meaning friends tell you about imminent doom and the problems of the world, the only real way to fix that is to fix your illusion of being in a prison. When you remember your truth, which is that you are magnificent and eternal and unlimited, then you will live free and radiate an energy that has to make the entire world you experience become your grandest vision of that world.

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