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You Are Infinitely Supplied, Give Freely of Your Love

We find our greatest joy is in flowing this energy, for lack of a better word, called love and appreciation, also for lack of better words.  If you realized how powerful a thought of love and appreciation toward another actually is for you and for them, you would find reasons to do it in every moment.
The crazy thing is that in every moment there are an infinite number of reasons to do it.  There are an infinite number of people, experiences, objects, gifts, memories and dreams to flow this love and appreciation.
We seem to get caught up in struggle, worry and effort all the while missing the whole point of our existence.  The ironic part is that when you remember your truth of magnificence, infinite power and limitlessness, you realize that there is no need for struggle, worry or effort.
if you could in every moment love, appreciate, smile, laugh and let go and know you are easily going to have all you dream of having, you would find yourself easily taking smart action, meeting the right people, and watching your life unfold magically before you with every puzzle piece falling into place without sacrifice or struggle.
The great thing is that the end result will be more amazing than you ever dreamed it could be and then from there you will begin a new dream puzzle with a new vantage point.
From that vantage point you will joyfully send out new thought and dreams with love and appreciation for all that is in your now and the flow of life continues.
Get in the habit of sending love to all that you know:  your own self, your family, friends, coworkers, strangers you just met, cities, groups, states, countries, world, other worlds (you never know…lol) nature, pets, wild things (me included…lol) and when your focus is on giving that feeling of love to as many people, places and things you can think of you will feel amazing.
The beauty is that not only will you feel amazing but you will also be lining up all your dreams to come true and the actions will be a side affect that is not only fun but seems to be without effort…
Make it a habit to flow love and appreciation as often as possible…try setting an alarm on the hour as a reminder to smile, send love and appreciate something…or use your negative emotions to be the stimulus to change your thought to something more lovely.
Negative emotion is just an indicator of an error of thought or a chronic pattern of thought in your subconscious that is in error.  It can be replaced with the knowledge of your magnificence  and what better way to remember that truth than flowing your limitless love and appreciation toward all that you have to love and appreciate.
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