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The Glimpse of Magnificence

When you start looking for the truth in others and you find the glimpses of their magnificence peaking out at you, keep holding that glimpse just for the shear joy of seeing it and it becomes the more prevalent aspect of that person.
When you start drawing out magnificence in those around you, you can’t help but remember your own as well.  The effect is awe inspiring, breath taking, amazing and leads to amazing experiences.
Start with yourself every morning.  Be wildly complementary to that person you have decided to play in this temporary experience.  Find the glimpses of your magnificence.  Your smile, your laughter, your beautiful eyes, the way you appreciate a sunset or lose yourself in dancing to your favorite dance, the way you walk, the strong line of your jaw, the natural talent you have to do things even if you aren’t really doing them now and so many more things you can appreciate about yourself.  In that moment of appreciation know also that you have only scratched the surface of your unlimited potential and infinite possible futures await you.
It is only when you make it a conscious choice to see and appreciate your truth of magnificence and consequently that of the other people that show up in your life that miracles start to happen.  Actually they are happening in every moment.  You are magically making your life appear exactly the way it is in every moment.  What you are after is to embrace your ability to make it more of what you want and drop the illusion that you are a pawn in a world of circumstances that seem to be beyond your control.
Even if you don’t exactly know how you want your life to be or what you really want to do with it, just embracing your truth of magnificence brings circumstances and people into your life that give you clarity and opportunity and it all looks like so much fun with such brilliantly amazing people who also recognize your brilliance.
Relax, enjoy, breath and know that you are exactly where you need to be at this very moment to move fluidly into the life of your dreams….all you have to do is become aware of your magnificence.  As that awareness begins to become habit the rest will be revealed easily and the flow you experience will look to all those who have forgotten their own magnificence as if you have become the luckiest and happiest person they know.  Effortless effort and synchronous events will be your pleasure every day.
Relax, enjoy, breath and know….and play frequently in the feeling and vision of who you truly are living the life you intended to live.
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