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Your Thoughts are Currency





If indeed your mind as in your thoughts which affect your feelings makes things happen in your experience then it would serve you well to spend your mind currency on what you want. In your everyday you will be exposed to what you don’t want and the trick is to not spend time on it but use it briefly to create the thought of what you prefer and spend your mind currency on what you would prefer.
In pointing your focus and thoughts toward what you do want in your experience, it will become what you want and what you don’t want will not fit into your life anymore. The solutions to problems will be the rule until the problems don’t exist anymore.
The larger global problems are just a reflection of each of our “smaller” problems so you will also be helping to solve those as well.
You can’t stop terrorism if you yourself continues to be angry and judgmental. You can’t stop deception if you keep lying to yourself and others about who you are and what you truly want. You can’t stop the deficit if you keep believing you don’t have enough and you can’t fulfill your dreams.
I have complete knowing that you will embrace the magnificent you that you are meant to be and our world will reflect that right back at us. Seeing the evidence as we speak and your smile is just the beginning.

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