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Dream for your life





When our dreams keep their distance we tend to downsize them, trim them, distort them because we listen to others and the dark side of ourselves. They tell us we can’t have and be what we want. The other side of that is that we formulate our dreams based on what the media tells us our dreams should be or what our parents, teachers and society tell us our dreams should be. These are not your dreams.
Having a size 6 body may not be your dream but rather being fully beautiful may be.
Having a Lamborghini may not be your dream but rather having the ride of your life as often as possible may be.
I am not saying a size 6 body and a Lamborghini is not the dream to have and in fact if it is your dream then you shall have it.
I am saying to make sure your dream is yours and whatever it is should not be downsized or trimmed or distorted unless something more inspiring comes along to change it.
The inspiration part is key, your dreams should inspire you and fill you with pleasure in just the thinking of them and playing with them.
The problem arises when we start to accept in error that the dream will never come true and then our inspiration is dampened or downright depressing. We stop dreaming or trim our dream to some lukewarm version of what it was. This is not life giving and our life, our health, our purpose is to dream, then fulfill, then dream again, then fulfill and so on.
When you don’t allow yourself to dream and move toward your dream then experience your dream….that is when you experience problems in life. Those problems are unnecessary but have the potential to teach you where you have made a wrong turn and how to reconnect to your amazing and powerful creative force.
Erase your conditioning and return to your natural fearless, completely free, and amazing self.

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