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You CAN handle the truth

So many of us allow circumstances to sway our connection to the Divine. The truth is that circumstances are a source of clarity to be used as such. The truth is that all circumstances, events, and our reactions are a direct indication of how connected we are to The Divine. It’s like a Geiger counter allowing us to see clearly how fully we are flowing the energy of creation or not.

When the reading is high we are inspired, passionate, loving, joyful, dare I say living in bliss balanced with serenity, and every action is inspired and yielding exponential change for the good of all that is. When the reading is low we are anxious, fearful, depressed, angry, feeling unworthy and running circles without making progress.

If we were actually connected with who we truly are and the limitless power and love flowing through every fiber of our being, we would not only believe but know all is in perfect order. We would know that there is purpose to every aspect of this temporary experience. We would know that even the world is moving toward a greater expression of the Divine in every moment.

Yes, there are pockets of undesirable expressions of disconnection even within ourselves. In fact, there are only pockets of disconnection out there because we are disconnected within. The more we ignore our connection to the Divine the pockets get louder and more evident. It is a perfect system really.

Most don’t want to swallow the pill that ultimately is the actual cure for all ills. The pill is that you are a child of the Divine, your father is the Divine, no actual harm can come to you less you allow it, and you are worthy of every heartfelt desire. You are not only worthy of it but it is already done awaiting your acceptance. Every one of us is exactly and equally that blessed no matter what is presented to you or what your perception of another person and their circumstances.

In a world where it may seem that victimhood is encouraged and promoted, there are no victims only unknowing participants. In a world where it may seem that there are those committing atrocities, understand that they are so disconnected from their truth that their pain is being transferred to the unknowing participants.

It is our work to first awaken ourselves to our truth as you can’t give away what you don’t have. When you awaken to that truth then you have compassion for everyone and unconditional loves flows so strongly and powerfully that miracles literally happen.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be inspired to actions that stop heinous actions. It doesn’t mean you won’t be inspired to help unknowing participants that believe they are victims. It means you will be inspired to all those actions in knowing and love therefore the results will be absolutely transformational. The results will be exponentially beneficial in ways you could never even imagine.

If you feel that you want to change the world then you must first change yourself or rather remember your self. There will be no change until that happens. The Divine system is flawless.

If you see victims, where inside yourself do you feel like a victim? How could you feel like a victim when your father is God, oh child of God. How could you think less of yourself even when you stumble, oh child of God learning to navigate this gift of life?

If you see someone acting out of hatred or judgment, where inside yourself are you judging, hating or lacking compassion? Would you judge a trapped animal lashing out, a toddler having a tantrum. They know not what they do. It doesn’t mean you don’t protect yourself and others however there is no hatred and judgment.

When you are connected to your truth...and you CAN handle your truth, you are unattached to circumstances. You will understand that there is no loss just the potential for greater good. You will understand clearly that death does not exist and those that go before us are here with us in a different way. In addition they are in a blissful state of pure connection with the Divine. You will understand that whatever you “have” in your life, if lost, will be replaced with something even more wonderful and in alignment with your true heartfelt desire. You will understand this is true for everyone. The degree of connection to the Divine will determine how it goes for them and you.

Your greatest gift to the world and yourself is to awaken to who you truly are. The truth will truly set you free.

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