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Why Complain?




Somehow a large portion of our connections with others involves complaining and one up-man-ship about how “hard” we have it, had it or will have it.  The badge of honor that “hard” work, struggle and sacrifice earns us seems to be something we are all striving for.  The problem is that the “badge” is just that and nothing more.  It gets us nothing.  It gets us nowhere.  The most successful people in life do not work hard, do not struggle and do not sacrifice.  The most successful people in the world are true to themselves, live there authentic existence and love with abandon.  The most successful people in life care nothing for badges and can’t be bothered with complaining because they love themselves and what they do and the people they feel blessed to be with.  You have the capacity to be one of the most successful people in the world.  Abandon the complaining and attachment to badges of honor and live your unique, authentic and magnificent life, fearlessly.  The magic that follows will confirm your path is true and every person you even think about will benefit let alone the ones you actually know.

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