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It is possible that procrastination simply means you are not ready to take action. Instead of beating yourself up about it, work on enjoying yourself and life, and pretending that whatever you “need” to do is already done. You will be surprised by the way things unfold when you do that. Amazing people come into your life and magically make things happen and sometimes without even knowing why, you find yourself doing what needs to be done in a spirit of joy. If more people procrastinated, it is possible that the world would actually be a better place. Imagine if no one did the things no one wants to do, there would be no way to control everyone to make them do it and who would want that job anyway. Then we could all get serious about the business of doing what we want and were meant to do.
It is possible that by only doing what you love to do that you will arrive in an amazing life beyond any dreams you have had. It is possible but few of us have the courage and independence to follow our passions. It seems that the most successful people have done that and by successful I don’t only mean financially but in all categories of life.
You have genius within you and you can easily make your dreams a reality and procrastination may just be your dreams trying to get your attention.

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