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A Moment Realizing Your Truth is Priceless





You probably have no idea how important and perfect you are. You probably have no idea how magnificent and spectacular you are. You probably have no idea how unique you truly are and that very unique perspective is intricate to the workings of this entire time space experience. You think that you are just this person trying to make a go of it and you are so much more than that. You are way more than that and nothing, even your denial, can change that.
You are a gift of universal proportion and every thought you think adds to “what is” in powerful ways. Your thoughts not only affect what experiences you live and how you live them but also affect the experiences of everyone that exists. Not only the world you know but the worlds you don’t know and the past and the future that are the “now” experiences of countless beings connected to you eternally. You are significant and powerful and easily capable of manifesting all that you dream and more. Just relax in each moment and notice the gifts, the beauty, the things you can enjoy in them. Stay in that moment and life will unfold magically. You will find yourself doing what needs to be done in amazing ways that are no effort and the right people and circumstances will line up in ways that will amaze you. Oh if you could just realize how amazing you truly are and that nothing is impossible for you, you would laugh at how limited you have allowed your experience to be lightheartedly and then continue your grand existence.

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