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To Control or not To Control

The need to control a situation implies that you haven’t realized that the situation is already controlled by you.  You are the center of all your experiences no matter how it appears.  When you try to control a situation by forcing others in whatever way you have learned to force a behavior you are going at it backwards.  It may appear that you may have some success with these methods but the success is temporary and your life will always reflect the sum of your thoughts.  So if one issue actually gets resolved there is another issue that arises.  You can keep chasing issues but until you get to the source within you will never change the overall feel of your life.  
The irony is that when you stay in your moment and change the thoughts in your moment to reflect how you want to feel and enjoy that feeling in the moment you actually do more to change your circumstances for the better than any other method.  It works better than getting angry, better than being hurt, better than being stern, better than expressing yourself to the other person, better than feeling superior to another, better than belittling someone, better than planning, better than attacking, better than playing the victim,  better than complaining about it, better than getting a lawyer, better than telling a person how you want them to act.
There is nothing that you can do that will make a difference unless you first make a difference inside yourself.  When you do that first then anything you do will work even if you do nothing.
The beauty of this is that instead of spending your precious moments dealing with issues you are spending them doing what you love and are passionate about and all else will fall into place and be resolved.
The other aspect of this is that when you are faced with someone trying to control you in some way then know control issues are still a part of your inner self.  If they weren’t then you wouldn’t have anyone “trying” to control you or you would totally not notice that they are trying.
This is just a good time to get clear that you don’t need to control anyone and no one can control you and instead focus on the things you love, the thoughts you love, the people you love, the beauty in your world, the dreams you envision, the lovely feeling of a breeze on your face, the relaxation of your breathing in and out of your nose, something humorous, something inspiring and then control issues will fade away or become the humorous idea of the past that you smile about.
You have no idea how powerful you are or the issue of control would never arise…remember your magnificence and enjoy your every moment.
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