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Write Your Own Story

Well there is no ending to the reality of you but in the story or game of life there are many beginnings and endings.  We have gotten into the habit of letting others write our stories and then we play the part written for us whether we want to or not.
You may choose whenever you are ready to write your own stories and enjoy the beginnings, middle and endings of each and every dream and desire when you start awakening to who you really are.
In a way you are already writing it as you go along but most of us continue to let old worn out stories play out instead not realizing that we are capable of easily moving into our dreams and desires.
Truly in every moment there are fragments of your true story already playing out but you become caught up in drama that was written before and so miss the gifts in your moment to moment life.
The trick is to get so in tune with looking for the gifts in each moment that your dreams and desires start to flood into your life without effort.  What could be more simple than to look for joy and beauty and pleasure and awe and passion in your moment to moment existence.  What is more insane than to focus instead on what is wrong or unpleasant in this moment when there are so many more things that are right and pleasant to enjoy in that very moment.
Use that amazing thinking tool to do your bidding instead of allowing it to run on autopilot set by who know who.  If you can’t choose a thought or story that feels good in your now moment then breath, look at the sky in appreciation, put your attention on something beautiful, count your blessings, make something crazy up until you find yourself laughing, pretend you are the doting lover of your own self and see yourself through those eyes, enjoy the movement of your body…the point is that there are many ways to stay in your moment with joy and passion completely and from that space your next moments will be more easily joyful and passionate.
When you do that in each moment then the story you wish to live will unfold for you and will be even more amazing that the one you thought you were writing for the real you has all the details and is just waiting for your permission to shine.
No matter where you are, what is going on, how old you are, or any other detail all things are possible with ease.
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