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All Things are Possible

So many of us have forgotten how powerful and free and worthy we are. In living a life that is not quite what we want it to be we know by the negative feelings that this is not how we consciously would choose to live. Not that it is all wrong but enough of the “wrong” experiences bleed into the “right” ones to keep us searching for solutions or justifying the status quo.
It seems to us that the circumstances out there that are responsible for our lot in life or we blame our “mistakes” for placing us in the predicament we are in. Either way when we see it as an outside job or a consequence of a mistake we feel stuck.
The beauty of this life however is that you are never stuck. Circumstances do not cause your situation but rather circumstances are a result of your thoughts and beliefs manifested in your now experience. Mistakes are often not even mistakes but rather what you are taught are mistakes and led to believe have consequences. The result of the consequence is often only your belief in the consequence made manifest.
If you truly look at life and the infinite expressions of lifestyles and experiences you will see there is no real pattern. Some work hard and save all their money only to have nothing to show for it in the end. Some live way beyond their means and somehow end up having more at the end. Some do illegal things and never get caught and others do nothing illegal and get blamed. Some do all the “right” things and never get rewarded and others do all the “wrong” things and always come up smelling like a rose.
There is only one thing that makes sense and that is you live what you believe you will live and finding the joy in the moment makes more of that in the next. This theory is easy to test for it is not expensive of difficult to change what you believe while looking for joy in your now. If you continue to do that, making it a high priority, you will find the real live evidence of how this makes life work exactly how you want it to work.
Enjoy your experiment…it will be eye opening

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