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Your Divine Connection will always be Uplifting

In our lives we are trained to look outward for guidance and follow rules from a very early age. However every moment is a new moment and every person is a unique creative force so guidance from outside ourselves is most often in error.
The inner Divine voice within you is often ignored for there are so many other voices getting in the way. That is why being still and quieting the mind is such a great exercise. It helps to reclaim the inner voice that will guide you toward your greatest and most cherished life.
That voice will always make you feel better…always. It will help you remember your magnificence. It will always be supportive and nurturing and loving. It never judges for it knows your true self and anything less than magnificence and unlimited creativity is merely a mistake to be forgotten or to use as clarity for a grander purpose.
There is no guilt or worry or punishment or fear, just pure appreciation and joy and the truth about you. That truth is that you are amazing and unique and magnificent and unlimited. That truth is that you are worthy of any dream your lovely unique mind can come up with. That truth is that it will flow without any seeming effort on your part.
If the voice is anything other than that then it is the voice of your influences, filters, preconceived and learned false beliefs. The way you feel will tell you if the thought is truth or not, for anything originating from your Divine connection will feel wonderful and uplifting. Any feeling less than that means you are disconnected from your Divine self and so try again. Listen again. Think another thought or clear your mind in any way you can.
You are so amazing and the Divine is trying to get through to you so that the entire universe can enjoy your unique creative perspective.

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