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Give the Gift of a Great Thought

The act of giving a gift to someone you love is so enjoyable, so pleasurable and such an expression of appreciation and love. It feels so very awesome to be able to give a gift the person truly wants, to see their face light up is priceless.
I have a feeling most of us would rather be in the position of giving a gift than getting one. The reason is that it is so pleasurable.
Just imagine that every time you think of another with appreciation and love (though one and the same) you are giving a gift energetically of healing, abundance and energy. It is an anonymous gift but still feels awesome anyway.
You can use this idea to enhance your own life because when you are in the state of appreciation you are drawing your dream life closer to you. You are also causing healing, abundance and energy for yourself at that very same moment.
It is one of the easiest way to raise your happiness quotient. Anytime you are doing any task that seems mundane or tedious think of someone you love and appreciate. Think of how you feel about them and why, remember aspects of them that are pleasurable to you. Dedicate your present action to the idea of them and fill your moment with the feeling of loving and appreciating them.
Actually anytime your moment is filled with negative emotion changing your focus to giving a gift to someone you care about will immediately cause you to feel better. Even if you think about giving yourself a gift it will work. Imagine being able to give without limits of time and money. Use that incredible thinking machine to do your bidding…
and soon you will actually be giving gifts you never dreamed possible in real life to yourself and your loved ones. Until then the gifts you are actually giving are real and making an impact on you and everyone around you so enjoy.

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