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All Things Are Possible

Yes this is me and I am owning my truth and knowing that all things are possible.  Oh yeah, and that I am spectacular and magnificent.  All you have to do is stay in the moment and look at what is right with your life.  Stop questioning your actions, decisions and reprimanding yourself for making any mistakes.  Mistakes are part of the journey and fuel our clarity for what we would like best.  The actions that we choose, decisions that we make are the best we could have done at the moment and will lead us to our truth
Imagine that you are a creative genius and just learning how to use a tool.  You are having fun with it and maybe things don’t turn out quite like you envisioned but you just go back to having fun and remodel your creation.  This is supposed to be fun and not taken seriously.  This is your joyful adventure and when things don’t go your way you have to check how you are using the tool.  Maybe your have the setting all wrong or have it facing the wrong direction.  You take the attitude that this game of life, this hobby if you will, this experience you came to have fun with is just that, a fun experience.  So take a break, have a drink and don’t give it much thought.  Just find a pleasant thing or person or experience to enjoy for the moment and take a little mini vacations from the “reality” since there is no such thing outside of your perception.
Then when you feel refreshed give some attention to what it is you wanted to create and enjoy the thinking of it, the dreaming of it, the idea that it is not only possible but you know it will happen.  Finally check how you are using your tool.
If you are looking for what is wrong you have the tool facing the wrong direction at best.  In fact when you are looking for what is wrong or focused on what is wrong you are actually creating a monstrosity that you won’t enjoy.  If you do it long enough it will become much larger and getting it out of your workshop will be more difficult.  Sometimes you will need to resort to a demolition of sorts….lol…and that doesn’t need to happen if you learn how to use your tool correctly.
So how do you use your tool correctly.  You use it correctly by entertaining your dreams and desires in a way that feels good.  You don’t look at where you are and say this is wrong and not what I want.  You look at where you are and say there are some things I would prefer to be different and they will happen exactly the way I want them to and this situation that I don’t want is just clarifying what I do want.  Now I will focus on enjoying the way I want this experience to be in my mind and looking actively for things in my life right now to appreciate.  Looking actively for what is right with me and the people I am sometimes forced to endure…yet there is always something positive.  It is a retraining of sorts because you are in the habit of using your tool in the wrong way and may have created some huge monstrosities in your life so looking past them is not easy task but you must or you will rebuild the same monstrosity no matter how many times you demolish it.
There will be times when someone comes into your life that creates these huge monstrosities and keeps making you look at it and you will be tempted to use your tool to help them.  You can not help them get rid of their monstrosity, it will only make you create one of your own.
The good news is that it is easy to use your tool in the correct way with just a little awareness.  It starts with the moments and just finding the best in it whatever it is, finding the best in yourself whatever it is, finding the silver lining in whatever monstrosity you create, finding the joy in the knowing you will have your dream and playing in your mind with the ideas.
Once you find the silver lining and look at anything but the monstrosity you will find it fades out of your life without needing a demolition.  You will find that things fall into place like magic and you get what you want every day of your life with only occasional blips in your creation.  You will recognize that you turned your tool in the opposite direction sooner and sooner and more easily rectify the situation and only create what you want.
Once you have your dream life then you will be ready to make a new one…as you intended to live in the experience called life.
Enjoy your lovely day and all the amazing things in it.
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