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Be Full of Yourself

There is nothing in this world that does more to better your life than enjoying yourself and remembering your magnificent truth. When you look at all the successful AND happy people in this world it is always about truly loving themselves completely. They are the people who seem to not only have everything they want, no matter how simple or complicated, but they also are the ones who reach out and do great things for others. They have the time because time expands when you love yourself. They have the resources because life becomes abundant. They have compassion because it is only in loving yourself that you can love others truly.
So your first order of business in every moment of your life is to be kind to yourself, think well of yourself, find peace with yourself, and remember that you must be amazing for you exist.
Enjoy your beautiful day and let go of the details and drama and just be thrilled with your amazing moment right now. You will find that no matter how amazing you can dream it to be, the world will surprise and thrill you with even more amazing moments.

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