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The Silver Lining

I am blindingly radiant and amazingly beautiful and flowing with abundance. Sometimes life gives you a little challenge when you drift back to erroneous ways of thinking. Once you become aware and know better it doesn’t take much erroneous thinking to bring on a small challenge and then if you continue the challenge gets bigger. I will refer you to yesterdays reference to creating a monstrosity.
Well I have been challenged and instead of assigning blame and beating myself up I accepted responsibility for every aspect. On few occasions I went to the dark side but only for a few moments and brought myself back to my center. I saw the best in all the people involved. I saw the best in me. When I couldn’t see the silver lining in the struggle I kept faith that it would be shown to me. I learned where I let my erroneous thinking get in my way and made corrections. I spent some time meditating. I used the struggle to more clearly determine what I want.
Even though the situation is still the same I now see it as no struggle and the solution is here and I have my silver lining for I am even more happy than I have ever felt, more light and free and I can’t even begin to describe the feeling to you. All I can say is that when you recognize how powerful you are creating these paintings of life and you see all the other participants as equally powerful and magnificent,ou just can’t imagine how wonderful that feels.
You can have that feeling often and deeply and passionately when you remember who you truly are and then you start living life as you were meant to live it, as your authentic magnificent amazing creative self without worry, guilt, hurt, the need to control.
It is then that all things come to you, and come to you easily.
Enjoy your day…I know I am going to enjoy mine in near ecstasy for the most part.

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