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Amazing Life is Your Inheritance

So many of us have it all wrong…we think it is in the doing that it gets done and the forcing ourselves to do things we don’t want. Sometimes someone will get there by doing that but where they get is usually less than their greatest dream and they settle because everyone around them has settled and they just settled in a little better prison.
A wise man, Jeff Olson, said, “it isn’t the hows but how you do the hows”. It isn’t the action but rather what is behind your action. Your belief in yourself, your belief in others, your vision and dream. When you work on remembering that not only are you deserving of the life you dream of having but that you have everything you need to get there and get there easily. You can make it hard if you want but it doesn’t have to be. You have to remember that every other person is also magnificent and also deserving and capable of the same. In that space of cooperative life with magnificent and deserving people with everything they could possible need to reach their dream life all things are possible.
Probably the one thing that will make this so very easy is to know that you already have it, if you dream it the existence of your dream is already in place waiting for your mind to be there with it. Then the actions will flow easily and effortlessly, just a little every day as stated in Jell Olson’s book “The Slight Edge” and the people you were meant to rendezvous with will show up and life will flow easily into manifesting your dreams. From there you will have more dreams and it will get easier and easier to flow into each new dream and there are an infinite number of them to enjoy.
Enjoy your magnificent life and open up the doors to your locked up forgotten dreams…they are calling you.

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