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Struggle Free Relationships

We forget to remember that we are magnificent, infinitely adored and easily capable of our dream life and wonder why others seem to forget that about us as well.
We all came here connected and with the intent to have relationships that matched our dreams and relationships that inspired more clarity about what that dream is through contrast or what we don’t want.   Many times the same person can be responsible for both the wanted and the not wanted.
The other thing that is intricately woven into this experience of physical time space reality is that all interaction is exactly matched.  It reflects exactly what you are believing about yourself and others and this experience of life.
We have learned not to take responsibility for our part in the creation of a situation.  We have learned to assign blame to others and ourselves.  There is no blame or guilt that is justified or in alignment with your truth of magnificence.  Anytime you go down that road of guilt or blame you are just setting yourself up for more of the same or different but just as uncomfortable.
The first order of struggle free relationships is the relationship you have with who you are.  It is the remembering that you are amazing and magnificent and deserving of every desire and that is the platform for examining every emotion born of the experience.  From that knowing there is no hurt, no resentment, no anger, no blame, no guilt, no drama.  There is only appreciation and moving easily to the next amazing beautiful experience.
When you find yourself in an experience or situation where you don’t feel good or maybe you feel really bad, that is the sign that you have forgotten your truth.  That is all it means.  It doesn’t mean someone has wronged you or you have wronged them.  It is an equal creation by both participants.  Stop making the other person wrong or yourself wrong.  That never solves the core problem and sets you up for more of the same.
Start seeing yourself as who you really are, and recognizing that the other person is the same.  Any hurtful or hateful action is only done by someone disconnected from their truth and that is truly the most painful existence.  It is not about you at all.
On the other hand if you are in the situation, you are also equally disconnected in creating it for yourself and you need to, without guilt or blame, look within and find again your connection with your truth.  Remember you are magnificent and spectacular and eternal and unlimited.  Remember that the other person is also that no matter how disconnected they are.
Move through the experience by recognizing when you are being disconnected by blame or disdain or hatred or making them wrong.  When that happens do whatever it takes to reconnect with who you  really are and appreciate yourself for the magnificent person you are and appreciate them for that as well, no matter how much they hide it or have forgotten.
Then selfishly choose your next experience based on what you prefer to experience.  It may be continuing to interact with that person, now that you are immune to hurt, anger, guilt or blame or you may choose to move toward relationships that are more pleasurable.  You don’t have to be right or think it through, just follow what you desire in each moment and it will work out perfectly.
Do not be attached to rules for living set by others, make up your own.  Live your unique authentic desire…and the universe will benefit and all will fall into place perfectly for the most amazing experience of life you could want.
You are truly and easily capable of an exquisitely wonderful life.
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