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Amazing moments are already yours

I find it interesting that in the moment that you are touched deeply, or inspired, or caught up in something you truly love to do or believe in, you have no negative feelings or thoughts. You are at that moment your authentic, unique and magnificent you.
I also find it interesting that as you watch a movie or read a book you are thrilled by the romance and pay no attention to the practicalities. You are thrilled by the adventure but pay no attention to the hardship involved. You are thrilled by love and romance and triumph regardless of the circumstances.
You may ask how these two observations connect in any way or have I jumped off the deep end. First, may I point out that jumping off the deep end can be fun and then let me say that I do have a point…lol
The point is that if you take time to truly enjoy your moments and find the romance, inspiration or adventure in the moment, you will
easily find your life transforming to even greater experiences. You will find yourself being fully who you are which means pleasure, joy and appreciation will be the focus of your every moment and it will be easy. Any action will flow effortlessly like playing your favorite game. The practicalities of life will not interfere with your enjoyment and somehow will be a non issue, either done by someone who is inspired to do it or you will be inspired to do it. If any hardship enters your life it will only be for a brief moment and easily removed as solutions flood into your awareness.
Your life was meant to be epic in whatever way you want it to be and mastering your amazing thought machine is the key. Interpret your life as if you were the main character in the most amazing story and fast forward to your happy ending often with sequels to come.
Amazing moments are already yours, just pay attention.

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