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Appreciating Your Very Existence

What can I say but I am overwhelmed with appreciation every day but I am enjoying the feel of many reconnecting with loved ones and paying attention to their many many reasons to appreciate what is now.
The sunrise this morning was amazing. A beacon of light shining straight up into the sky making one cloud a silver and gold feather surrounded by dark clouds flecked with fluffy rust colored ones…as the sun came up it transformed more and more small clouds into many silver and gold feathers floating against a phenomenal deep blue sky. Our world is such an artistic and beautiful place to experience every moment.
Each one of you is more amazing and magnificent that you can possibly imagine and I am in awe of you and myself and the joyful moments we create.
Language is such a fun yet inadequate method of communication but I honor and deeply appreciate that which is in you that is also within me, connected and joyful and infinite. You thrill me every moment. You amaze me every moment. You give me gifts of experience in every moment that delight and excite me. You are not just heavenly, you are heaven.
I am remembering who you really are in this very moment and it feels like ecstasy, bliss, and profound peace. Those words are still yet not adequate to truly describe who you really are and how it feels to remember.
Thank you, I appreciate deeply your presence in this world.

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