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One Moment at a Time

No matter what is going on in your present life, if you narrow your focus to just this very moment and what is in it right now. You will be able to find something, many things, that are wonderful to pay attention to. The past is gone and the future not yet here. Here in your now the past and future have no power. If you intend to find the space in your now where you connect to who you truly are you will feel amazing and peaceful and inspired. You will find appreciation and love flow easily for yourself and all people in your life and all circumstances in your life. You will find the silver lining of every cloud, dark and light. In doing that consistently in every moment you will find you life, almost like magic, flowing into the life of your deepest truest desires.
Sometimes it may not look like that is the direction your life is going but if you will take each moment one at a time and find the beauty and appreciation and inspiration in that very moment and trust in your divine self you will find that it is perfectly poised to move you to that dream.
It is not so much the actions your take or the steps you do but rather your thoughts and feelings that lead you to the right path for you. When you are distracted from who you truly are you will find that you are running on a treadmill that gets you nowhere.
When you are connected then you will be inspired to the actions easily, or nonaction if required, that moves you to the perfect place that will lead you to the perfect people and you will have the perfect experience.
From that new perfect place you will be inspired to the next one and the next one. No stress, no trying, no struggle….just the beauty of an authentic life well lived.

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