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Energy Vampires

The thoughts and emotions we have in every moment and the current of our beliefs are energy flowing out of us to all the people and circumstances we give our attention to.  For lack of a better word I use energy but it is the stuff that is in the spaces between the subatomic particles that we have yet to define.  Having said that the evidence of it’s existence is without a doubt.
Basically we flow this stuff and give power, strength and reality to whatever we give our attention to.  In addition we have an infinite supply of this “stuff” through our connection with our authentic truth and the Divine.  Most of us have forgotten that connection or aren’t always connected so we feel the drain and want to be filled.  It is natural to want this because our very time space existence (ie life) depends on it.
Some of us have learned to draw energy from sources that are finite and difficult.  We learned to draw energy from others and not the actual source.  It would be like having an infinite supplying gold mine in our back yard and completely ignoring it and going to other peoples houses finding ways to get their gold all the while they have infinite sources and aren’t paying attention to theirs either.
When you engage in this futile effort you feel drained and are susceptible to being drained.
Occasionally you will notice that some are better at draining others of their gold.  I call them the energy vampires.  They come in all sorts of flavors and you are probably guilty of a few energy vampire activities yourself.  They are the people that get angry when things don’t go their way, or get hurt when you act in a way that they don’t want you to, or act helpless to help themselves trying to unconsciously illicit your saving them.  There are many others and most people will justify their anger or hurt and find others to validate their anger and hurt and they will be found by the  hundreds…maybe millions.
The problem is that anger is never justified nor is hurt.  They are ways to manipulate the environment to eek out some energy when you are not connected to your truth.  The person who makes that connection doesn’t get angry, there is no need.  They realize they are the creator of the experience and thus can change it or create a new experience.  The person connected to their truth also doesn’t get hurt.  Again they realize they are the powerful creator of their experience and thus can create a different one.
The good news is that an energy vampire or gold stealer…lol…is a great teacher.  That person is clearly showing you where you have a leak of insecurity or disconnection from your divine.  Be grateful for their direction for then you can stop the leak or theft and direct your flow to what you truly want instead of strengthening what you don’t want.
The other good news is that if you reconnect to your infinite supply the energy vampires will disappear for your flow will be too powerful for them to handle.  If and when they show up you will easily find whatever area you are leaking and redirect your flow.  They then must be influenced to become who they truly are and find their own infinite supply or they must leave your experience.  It can be no other way.
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