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Authentic Living is Inspired

There are many who live a fear based existence, doing things because they feel they should be done, afraid to try something new or different because there is “risk” or they don’t think it is safe or they fear other’s opinions. They continue to live lives of quiet desperation and lock their dreams up in their mind never to be viewed or enjoyed.
You really can’t tell who they are for what is a dream come true for one person might be a tortured existence for another. The only person you can truly assess is yourself. Are you excited to get up in the morning? Do you enjoy the things you do in work and play? I mean really enjoy passionately? Would you do what you are doing if you had all the money in the world? If you would then you are in the right business. Do the people in your life inspire and uplift you? Do they support your dreams unconditionally even if your dreams are different from theirs? Or have you surrounded yourself with people who complain about their circumstances but do nothing to change them? Worse yet, do they judge you crazy for wanting to change yours or for trying something new or taking a “risk”.
There is no risky part of life…this life time is but a blink of your eye compared to your eternal existence. It is both not to be taken so seriously and a precious gift with the promise of joy in every moment if you would just remember that.
The power to create any experience you want is yours in every moment when you remember who you are and that you were meant to do what you love and enjoy. That doing what you love and enjoy is your purpose and mission. That truly being your authentic self will do more for the world and universe than any moment sacrificing unless of course you like sacrificing and if gives you joy.
You will find that what you think is a sacrifice may be to another a joyful experience. The action is not what creates the end result but rather the feeling behind the action ripples outward to affect all that is. If the feeling behind it is inspired and joyful and appreciative and loving then all is enhanced and you would be blown away by the affect it has on every part of this existence and beyond. If the action is done with a feeling of fear, obligation, worry, guilt, or force then nothing is enhanced and the moment only serves to lead you to an experience designed to wake you up to your true potential.
Awaken to your true potential, your amazing truth, your magnificent self, your beautifully unique contribution to all existence and the existence to come. You are purely spectacular and when you remember that and understand that all of life is in response to your remembering, you will be greatly pleased and life will flow and be easy and you will be find yourself moving into the life you dream of.
First step is to take those dreams out of their closet, dust them off and start playing with them again. You don’t have to know how they will manifest or even what you have to do about them…just think about them and believe in them and the steps will start to appear. The steps will draw you to them and be joyful. Just go toward your inspiration and joy and even though the steps may not seem to be in any direction or maybe in a direction you never thought would get you to where you want to go, if you just keep following the path of joy and inspiration you will magically find your dreams coming true.
There is no other way….Happy Valentine”s Day magnificent and amazing people.

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