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You are Deserving of Your Dream Life

There is a way to make the journey joyful. There is a way to eliminate hardship, sacrifice and struggle. These are only a part of the journey when you have fears, judgments, and limiting beliefs. If you could step into the mind of every successful person you would see that the only part of their journey that included struggle, sacrifice and hardship was before they changed their mind about what they deserve to live in life. It may have been their belief that the hardship, struggle and sacrifice were needed but it only served to make them believe they deserved the life they are living now.
There is never a time when it i necessary for living the life you dream of living. It is only there when you fear, when you judge, when you resist your truth and when you don’t believe you deserve the life you dream of having.
The action steps you take to get to the life you want will be fluid and fun and joyful when you let go of all the blocks you have to the life you want. Yes, there may be times when you look like you are working and/or sacrificing but it will not feel like that to you. There will be joy in your heart and you will be having fun and the idea of it being difficult will laughable.
I am not diminishing hard work and struggle and sacrifice…I just don’t believe they are necessary. When you are playing your favorite game or dancing to your favorite song, you may be pushing your body and mind to it’s limits and yet you are having fun and are thrilled to be doing it. It can be the same for all aspects of your life.
In addition when you love yourself unconditionally and remember that you are deserving of all you dream you can be, do and have, you magically attract the way, the people and the circumstances for that to unfold and it flows easily. Even when there is challenge and growth within that endeavor you see it for what it is and realize that there is always a chance for elevating your idea of who you are and getting rid of outdated fears and beliefs that hold you back.
Enjoy the magic of playing with your dreams and remembering your incredible worth and power. Remembering that when you hold the vision of your greatest idea of life for you, it must become your life and all the universe is benefited by you embracing your magical magnificent self.

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