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Fall in Love with Yourself

That feeling of being in love, without the drama is exciting and sparkling. It thrills you and for what seems a short time makes you see yourself through a very lovely filter and motivates you to see the other person through those very same pink colored glasses.
You want it to last but so many tell you that the high goes away and then you deal with the day to day. You don’t really want to believe that it will end but most have no ideal how to sustain the magic.
When you are doing that in love dance you are actually in your true self mode. Loving and seeing the best of another and they are facilitating you to see the best in yourself. The problem arises because you aren’t connected to loving yourself unconditionally.
When you depend on another to make your connection with the Divine it can’t be sustained.
What then happens is at some point your insecurities kick in and you start unconsciously looking for reasons to blame the other for your lack of connection. The feeling of being connected is so wonderful you are truly shaken by any perceived lack of undivided attention. The other person may also be having the same experience with their own insecurities and you. Soon you both are feeling less excited and maybe even guarded. Most people just accept this is the way it is because they have been told by many it is so. Many even make the best of it and stay in the relationship having ups and downs and occasionally rekindling the magic for a brief moment. Many just stay in a tolerable situation out of fear and lack of belief that it could be better. It is rare to see people stay in the magic of being in love sustained.

This sustained being in love is rare but it is possible and it was how you intended to live. That doesn’t mean all relationships were meant to be forever or a lifetime. However when you are connected to your own true Divine self and fully actualized and first in love with yourself all of that flows easily without effort. Even the parting of a relationship that has run it’s course is easy and loving.
If you find that your relationship is work and not magical then you have to address your inner connection first instead of hashing out what happened or didn’t happen or what you need or the other person needs. Communication flows easily when you are connected and is not a forced action that must be worked on.
If you are truly connected then all will flow back to magic and if one person is connected to their divine self, just that alone helps the other find their connection as well. If they refuse to find their connection then they will not be able to stay with a connected person and the relationship will part leaving a vacuum that must be filled with magic in some way that is better than before.
If both find their connection then the magic and wonder gets stronger and deeper and the highs are higher and the lows are restful and peaceful at the worst.
Falling in love with yourself first is the key. Remembering your own magnificence and unlimited power in life is essential to sustained magical relationships. Nothing else can truly work without that.
Enjoy every moment, it was your plan from the beginning.

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