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Spend Time with People Who Uplift You

Just imagine that we create our own reality and since no one can refute that possibility, or prove it wrong in other words, why not make the most of the possibility.
A great way to enhance your ability to make your dreams come true is to spend time with those who believe that dreams come true and/or have made their own dreams come true.
Spend less time with people who complain about life and don’t see that they have any choices.
Another great way to enhance your ability to make your dreams come true is to gravitate toward what inspires and uplifts you as often as possible. Avoid things that make you feel less than worthy. Even if you have made mistakes so have we all, it is called living life and you can’t live it without having what I call navigation issues.
Mistakes are just experiences that clarify what direction you want to go in. So even when you are having navigation issues gravitate to what inspires you and uplifts you and don’t berate yourself or be with those who would berate you.
The Divine influences of life will always inspire and uplift and will never make you feel unworthy or less than another. It will always give you the knowledge that your dreams are divinely inspired and therefore meant to be if you will allow it. The Divine will feel like joy and appreciation and comfort and will not have conditions attached to it.
There are many actions that might give you a fleeting sense of worth but the true successes in life are those people that feel worthy of all life has to offer and proceed with inspired actions. Then every moment is a success and it builds upon itself and influences all others who make the choice to be near that person to do the same.
Spend time with people like that…until you become what you truly are which is someone like that.

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