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The Gift of Expansion

It is a fascinating concept that in this thing we call life, there will always be desire for the next thing, goal, accomplishment or milepost. No matter how many things you have, goals you accomplish, awards you win or milestones you reach, there will always be more. The joy of reaching any level, obtaining any material possession, accomplishing any goal, winning any award etc, is rather short lived. It becomes part of your day to day existence and the “magic” wears off.

Now, from your new vantage point, there may be other more lofty goals to reach, better things to have, new milestones to go after or reach, and on and on it goes. It is the nature of this thing called life, to be called to create, discover and expand. It can be an amazing and beautiful experience, completely authentic and inspiring in a never ending dance punctuated with the applause and also enjoying the dances around you.

The idea of perfection is worshiped as if perfection was defined or attainable.  Education systems reward conformity and praise those that regurgitate what they are fed.  Corporations and governments do the same.  The idea that there are authorities that know better than you drown out any innate inspiration, intuition or just plain common sense.  You are led to believe that someone else knows more than you about you.  That someone else cracked the code to whatever it is you are seeking.  This is not the case, and every story that says otherwise when truly revealed would seal your understanding.

You are the source, or rather your connection with the Divine flows inspiration, intuition and knowledge to you.  It will lead you to that which enlightens you even from a seemingly “other” source at times because it is fun and most times you are not completely connected.  It will also show you what is for you and what is not.  If you don’t have that connection you will probably waste time going down roads that don’t serve you.  The good news is all roads taken have purpose and when viewed with Divine sight lead you to the roads that best serve you.

The other beauty in the Divine plan is what truly serves you also serves all that is including all of humanity.  Pretty cool plan.  Remember, what truly serves you will not be what your parents, education, government and television tells you.  Even when what is happening seems quite the opposite of what you want, when you have complete understanding it will all make sense.  That understanding might take you til after this life transitions into bliss however it doesn’t have to be that way.

So after all that rambling, what is the point?  Get comfortable with your eternity and the eternal expansion of your life.  There will always be the next level and you will come to realize that is awesome.  Reclaim your unique and powerful perspective.  Question all things and listen for guidance.  Make it a priority to connect with the Divine. 

How do you start?  First and foremost, make it your dominant intention to connect with the Divine.  In that connection there is infinite love, energy and inspiration.  Did I say infinite Love?  Well, yes I did.  That alone is worth the journey and all else will flow from that easily.  You are still free to do it the way you have been doing it and you can make it as hard as you want.  I just have no idea why people choose to avoid the bliss and joy of the Divine and all that flows easily from that place.  I am just here to let you know you have a choice and choosing to connect with the Divine is well, Divine.

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