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Divine Love rocks!

In our rapidly changing world with almost limitless resources, it becomes increasingly difficult to know what is true.  More importantly, what is right for you on a personal level is even more confusing.  Large organized institutions seem to be untrustworthy and most of our lives are involved with these institutions.  How do you wade through life when you actually can’t trust guidance from those entities that you once respected that have now shown their flaws.  It’s sort of like believing in Santa Claus and finding out your parents were running the show…only this time you are well aware that your parents are mere humans with no magic powers. 

Well there is a magic power that you can trust completely.  It is the Divine and it is real and it is available to you. To the degree that you develop your relationship with The Divine will be the degree with which you can navigate this world of uncertainty with ease.

We could debate how powerful this is, or how consistent it is however I will ask you to table that for now.  Let’s just say that you haven’t really cultivated that relationship personally.  Let’s just say that you were under the false idea that it doesn’t work scientifically.  Let’s just say that you haven’t yet put it to any real test and have just been flying by the seat of your pants up to now.

Oh, but that was me…lol.  Having said that I think many would admit that if they really looked within they have to say they might be in the same boat.   I was blessed to be so exquisitely sensitive that dealing with life without a Divine connection was intolerable.  I didn’t realize that my connection with the Divine was what was missing. In trying to figure out why life was so difficult even though I was reaching all my goals, I found that connection.  

How does one develop a connection with the Divine on a personal level?  The first step is to truly ask for it or if you were like me to truly ask for guidance.  I asked to know the truth about life and I did not qualify it.  At the time I was dissatisfied with every aspect of my life even though it looked good to everyone else.  

Who did I ask?  At the time I didn’t even know but the asking was heartfelt and powerful.  I knew something was very wrong and I wasn’t going to make any more decisions about life until I knew the truth.  I mostly wanted relief from the constant stress and struggle of life. 

Most people are programmed to believe that stress and struggle are just a part of life.  They teach you that the successful ones deal with it better than mere average people.  I have found that stress and struggle are a symptom of being disconnected from your natural relationship with the Divine.  Very simple and most truth is simple.

Once you allow yourself to ask for guidance then all will be revealed to you.  You don’t have to even read another word.  If you ask without attachment from your heart then the answers and how will flow into your life.  If you are like me then even though the asking was powerful and heartfelt, there were attachments.  I was led to ways that allowed detachment.  I was led to ask for guidance in a way that was easy.  

Growth doesn’t have to be difficult however most of us are so attached to so many aspects in our life that don’t serve our greater good.  When that attachment is keeping you from reaching the life the Divine intended for you, it can require a bit of discomfort to shake your grip.  Also, understand that what the Divine has waiting for you will bring you your greatest joy.  From my perspective, having been there and experiencing the benefit of that connection, there is no doubt.

I will not give you any 3 step, 5 step or 11 step process…lol. Instead, I will just tell you a few things I was led to try.  None of these things are steps, in order for how they are done or even necessary as each person has a unique path.  I actually did many of these things at the same time.

Number one, quiet your mind often.  Whether you meditate, pray with moments of quiet, or just focus on the act of breathing often during your day, the intention to quiet your mind will allow the inspiration of the Divine to come through.  It may just be to read a book that you hear about and are drawn to read.  It may be to walk into a store where you meet a person who talks about an online course that sounds interesting.  The Divine is truly Divine.

Number two, make love your highest priority.  Love of self is so very important as you can’t truly love another or anything for that matter if you don’t love yourself.  Until you love yourself and accept that the Divine loves and adores you beyond your wildest dreams, you can’t authentically love another.  It’s important to be patient with yourself as you have not truly experienced or allowed that kind of love in your life.  No matter who loves you or who you love, there was most likely some sort of drama or disappointment involved.  It makes you hold back because you blah blah blah boundaries, trust, blah, blah, blah communication, etc.  

With Divine Love, you learn that deep down everyone is in love, and to the degree they are connected with the Divine is the degree they love and appreciate.  Anything less is a lie.  Obviously, you will be drawn to others Divinely connected however you can flow the energy of love with compassion to everyone, even the rude store clerk. In fact, as you get more connected you will find your energy affects circumstances for the greater good for everyone involved.  Pretty cool.

Number three, release judgment, and honor preferences.  Judgment will always come back to you or as I say will bite you in the ass.  Your authentic love-based preferences are Divinely inspired.  Do not judge another however honor your preferences as in preferences for people you enjoy being with, behaviors you enjoy causes you support, and solutions in life that you embrace.

Number 4, become aware of your word.  Instead of complaining, focus on solutions.  In fact, get out of the habit of complaining as you give power and creative force to what you speak and think.  Speak only of solutions to any problem and if you don’t have a solution then give it to the Divine.  One will appear.  Also, be cognizant of the words you use.  Saying I will try is saying you are unsure of the process.  Saying I don’t have time for something creates not having time and that bleeds into every part of your life. 

Start with becoming aware of your thoughts and words as they are a powerful tool given to you.  It may be difficult to monitor every thought and word however you will know by how it feels when you think it or say it.  If it feels good or great or empowering then continue. If it doesn’t feel good, then reword it or change the topic.  Again be patient with yourself, habits are easily changed once awareness is applied.  It does no good to slip into a complaint then beat yourself up about it to compound the issue.

Number five, understand that every negative emotion is a choice.  Having said that, you can’t ignore the choice and pretend you don’t have a negative emotion.  Honor it for what it is.  I have chosen to react with anger, hurt, worry, guilt or whatever it is.  State clearly in your mind that you chose it and ask what belief within would allow that choice.  

We are taught that negative emotion is just a part of life and it is a gift in a way.  It allows us to know that our thoughts and beliefs are in error so that we can correct them.  We are taught that others or circumstances cause them and we are justified.  That is not the case and just leads to victimhood and powerlessness.  As you peel the onion of the many beliefs that allow living in reactivity instead of creativity, you will find the root cause is always you forgot who you are and who they are.  We are all Divinely created in love that knows no bounds. We are all a child of the Divine who adores us and cherishes us no matter how many times we fall as we learn to walk.

Number six, listen for the loving voice within, and anything less, recognize as a lie.  The Divine voice inside your head will always be loving even when you are headed in the wrong direction.  It will always point to a solution.  It will always be inspiring. It will always reaffirm your Divine worth.  It will always feel like love deeply felt and more profound than the deepest, most moving love you have ever known.  It is well worth cultivating as there is nothing on earth that compares and once cultivated everything on earth becomes even more amazing. 

I watched a video of an atheist who had a near-death experience and met God.  He was transformed.  God said to him as he explained he was in a state of love and bliss more real than this life.  God said to him “you are the center of the universe and I love you.  Not only that, but I like you, you are my favorite”. In that moment the man knew God felt that way about every person.  

Enjoy this gift, oh magnificent creation!  The Divine flows love to you always and the most wonderful experience is to flow that infinitely supplied love all over everyone and everything!

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