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Time Expands

There was no dark night of the soul for me; no trauma, no abuse, no addiction, no disease, no loss. It was more of a smothering grey cloud of general life, stress, and struggle, with rare glimpses of sunshine. Even those rare glimpses were cloudy. I was finally on the main treadmill of life with constant struggle and stress with very rare moments of light for which I felt guilty for having as well, so they just added to the grey clouds. At this point, I believed the next possible freedom where things would get better was retirement in 30 years. I just didn’t want to live like that for 30 years.

The blessing in all that was that I decided I needed to “figure it out” before I made any changes. I began an obsessive study of life, theology, self-development, and philosophy.

At the time, I didn’t think I could change any circumstances nor did I have enough insight that it was actually me that needed to change or better stated return to who I really am. I also was blessed to know that following anything that didn’t resonate with me or inspire me was not going to work. I am not disciplined, just gifted by the Divine. I knew I wouldn’t follow any path that didn’t draw me, at least not for long, and having done that with negative results aka my life, sealed my knowing.

The point of this little introduction is that in 6 months without anything but changing my habit of thinking and therefore feeling I was stress free and had no struggle. I witnessed literal miracles happening in my circumstances as a result. The one I want to discuss is that time expanded for me. I got more done without effort, manifested people in my life that complemented my life well to add to that, and had a lovely balance of life in every category.

Again, as I have said in many writings, just ask the Divine for guidance and you don’t need to read another word and if you don’t feel you are connected to the Divine then just ask for guidance and that will come as well.

It is the only authentic guidance for you that will bring you joy beyond imagining, but I digress.

How does one expand time? The first step, as is the first step in all creativity, is to consider it may be possible. You don’t have to believe it is possible however you do have to at least be open to the possibility. Actually I am mistaken, I did not even know it was a possibility until I saw it happen in my life. So let’s ignore step one…lol

In hindsight, it happened because I wasn’t creating the shortage of time. Our thoughts, words and perceptions become the expression of reality. Hardest pill to swallow when the powers that be would have you believe the opposite. We are sold the lie of struggle, lack and victim hood. We are told life is chance and luck exists. To swallow a pill that puts you in the driver seat is daunting especially when you are programmed to be reactive to circumstances. Understand that being in the driver’s seat comes with the opportunity to have the most incredible GPS in the Divine.

I can understand if you don’t want to swallow the whole pill just yet so just put it in your mouth like a mint and let’s see how feels for a while. That is sort of how I did things, just interpreting events, circumstances, people, and their behavior as if I somehow created it.

I use the analogy of someone using a computer and not realizing whatever they programmed into it happened because they weren’t paying attention. One day they get hit on the head and they have no idea they programmed it. Everyone tells them it was bad luck or “Joe” was responsible or climate change did it etc. They would rather believe that than that they programmed it, certainly, they may not even be aware of that possibility. I am asking you to just take the mint and chew on it for a while.

Okay, that was a tangent as well so I will get back to time expansion. And in all of my insights I remind you there isn’t one way, you can find your way without me, these steps are not in order and you are free to pick and choose or ignore any and all of it. My last blog dealt with cultivating your Divine connection and that is always the most important part of any path to an amazing life.

At this point, I am just going to start at number one, even though it may be two or three…lol. It is so joyful to stay in the moment and give it your undivided attention. It takes some practice as your undisciplined mind wants to stress you out about some past event or give you anxiety about something you have to do. Again be patient with your magnificent self and it will get easier and easier. The joy will exponentially inspire you to be in the moment more and more.

When you are with someone, give them your full attention. When you are doing a task give it your full attention. You could even assign it as an act of love or a prayer for someone. If you decide to use your moment to have a memory, consciously choose a good one. If a not so good one comes up then distract yourself with something else. If you are going to consciously look to the future, make it the future you want as if it’s real. Play with it and have fun with it. If fearful future events pop in, recognize it for the lie it is.

Number two, watch the words that you speak. If you say “I don’t have time” about anything you create not having time and that will bleed into every aspect of your life.

Instead say “I am choosing not to do blank”, whatever it is. Even better, “ I am choosing to do blank instead” whatever it is you do. As all habits go, once you become aware and choose to change them, it will be easy. And don’t say it’s hard…lol. Then you will make it hard.

Number three, face your fears in your mind, head-on. I went through every fear I could think of and looking at them, I realized I could handle it if I had to. For me knowing I could handle anything that could happen, albeit not pleasant, I was able to put those fears to rest. That means I did not give them any more of my creative energy. I would choose to transmute that thought into what I wanted instead. I didn’t have to rehash any fear anytime it cropped up and instead had my preferred outcome ready and waiting.

Number 4, make up or find a short phrase that empowers you. Recite it in your mind often and especially when your mind is trying to run away with unpleasant thoughts. My first one was “I am love, I am light, I am peace, I am health, I am beauty, I am passion, I am power and abundance.” There is a Hawaiian saying “I am sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you”. The idea behind this is I am sorry for forgetting my divine connection and those of others, forgive me, thank you for reminding me and I love you. Any empowering words that can be thought or said over and over again to distract you from negative thoughts will work.

Number 5, get rid of every obligation that doesn’t inspire you to the best of your ability. Learn to say no without explanation and failing that learn to say you have to check your calendar. If you do have an obligation that doesn’t inspire you then realize you are actively choosing it and find a way to infuse it with some inspiration. It is important that you realize that if you don’t say no to such things then there is a reason within you. It may be something to do with your child or family and so make it about loving them. It may be something your ego is still attached to doing so you feel better about yourself. That is okay, you will get to a place where those things will easily fall away. It’s important to be honest about why you are choosing to do something. You may feel that if you don’t do a thing, no one will. Understand that many things have reached the end of their contribution to life like organizations and clubs etc. If it is a “cause” that no one is supporting then maybe it’s time for a new version of support structures anyway. Also understand when you do anything without inspiration out of obligation you rob those who are inspired by it, and their chance to do it.

Number 6, understand that your worth is attached to one thing and one thing only. That you exist, a child of the Divine, period. No degree, no accomplishment, no self sacrifice, no age, no beauty, no anything can change your eternal worth in the eyes of the Divine. In addition, people will see you as they are and not as you are unless you are well connected to the Divine. When you connect to the Divine only those that see that connection will be in your circle. At that point, you will also not be attached to anyone's opinion anyway, good or bad. Knowing you are a child of the Divine is badass.

Lastly, follow your inspiration as often as possible. Even if it says go left when you were going to go right. Follow inspiration as often as possible. You never know who you will meet or what will become available to you that way. It will become easier and fun as you allow it to be. The Divine is always giving you nudges to the greatest expression of this gift of life. You have plenty of time to follow those nudges in miraculous ways.

Oh and the second lastly, flow love to everyone you encounter no matter what is presented. Flow love to every action, flow appreciation for everything. The sky itself is art up there just for you, every flower that blooms is there just for you, your car is an amusement ride you get to use every day, the smile that you smile may be saving a life…I have heard stories like that. Every person you meet has a gift within, you might be the one that unlocks their gift.

Oops, and a third lastly, play with life. Reawaken your imagination and truly play. Don’t just walk through the mall but be a supermodel incognito. If you see a car broken down, pretend you can gift that person with a new car. There are so many ways to play with life that will make it more fun so awaken that inner child and see things newly!

Don’t be attached, the worst that can happen is you will feel better in your day-to-day, moment-to-moment life and I guarantee you will, all of a sudden, realize time is expanding for you. You are so worthy of your every heartfelt desire, beyond worthy and Divine Love flows limitlessly to and through you.

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