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Only see the truth





To believe in someone uplifts them. It is merely recognizing their truth and holding that in your mind to the exclusion of any other data the world gives you. In order to truly do that you must recognize it in yourself first. You must know that you are magnificent, powerful and unlimited. In knowing that you are magnificent, powerful and unlimited, you must know that of all others and then you can truly heal and uplift.
It amazes me that changing how you think does not require money or effort and yet many resist it. If you stop worrying and feeling guilty and feeling anger will the world explode? On the contrary the reason for any negative events in our world is because we have all been hypnotized to believe negative emotions are necessary and we have no control over it. The opposite is true, negative emotions are just an indicator that your thoughts are out of alignment with who you really are. They only serve a purpose when you are not thinking in a way that will get you what you want in life. They aren’t necessary but a guide when you are off track.
You also have complete control of your emotions with your thoughts. It is just you haven’t practiced being the master of your thoughts and allow every one else and the media and educational system to throw all kinds of thoughts and beliefs into your head and they just swim around in there without guidance. You happen to be the captain of your mind and are the one to direct traffic and choose what thoughts and beliefs you want to hang out with. You are the one that is supposed to guide and choose your thoughts and no one else can do it for you.
My gift to you today is to hold you in the vision of your truth: you are magical, magnificent, spectacular, unlimited and eternal. Have more fun and the world’s woes will be corrected by your joy and uplifted energy.

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